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Catalyst 4006 High CPU Utilization

I have a number of 4006 platforms with varying degrees of port density. Most are running CPU utilization at around 55-65%. The largest user is Admin processes at around 15%. Is this a normal occurance? From time to time some of the ports (not all) will stop passing traffic, and or telnet capability is lost. Reboot is the only remedy.

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Re: Catalyst 4006 High CPU Utilization

Hi Rick,

In my Cat 4006 SUP3 CPU utilization never be than 15%. My Cat 4006 module is WS-X4014 and three WS-X4148-RJ.

Check your IOS.

My IOS is cat4000-is-mz.121-20.E.bin


Re: Catalyst 4006 High CPU Utilization

What version are you running on the 4000's, there is a known problem with earlier releases of devices stopping traffic even on the same vlan they cannot talk to each other , this was fixed with version 6.2.3 I believe . The CPU does seem high , are you trunking to these if so then you should manually prune off any unneeded vlans , this drives up the cpu on these even if the vlan is not being used on the switch . This is

bug CSCdu48749 for the traffic hang problem .

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Re: Catalyst 4006 High CPU Utilization

running 6.3.5 on all platforms.

We are are pretty careful about pruning our trunks, but I will double check just the same.

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