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catalyst 4006 multi vlan ports

I have a catalyst 4006 I would like to know if is possible to assign multi vlan ports without layer 3 module. At this moment i don't have layer 3 module in the catalyst. is possible? Or i really need a router or layer 3 module to do it?

Cisco Employee

Re: catalyst 4006 multi vlan ports

I'm not sure of your intrepretation of multivlan. MultiVLAN means having a port in more than one VLAN without configuring it as a trunk. Only our XL switches support multiVLAN ports and CAT4006 does not.

If you want to pass more than one VLAN to another switch, you have the option of configuring it as a dot1q trunk. Also some NIC cards support trunking too. You can find more info on trunking on CCO at

If you are looking for any layer 3 features on 4006 with Sup2 engine such as inter-vlan routing, yes you'll need a Layer 3 module or an external router. If you have a Supervisor 3 engine, you'll not need Layer 3 module or an external router.

Hope this helps

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