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Catalyst 4506 VLAN Internetwork Routing

Does the 4506 have a built in router mechanism that will enable me to define each one of my VLAN route interfaces so I can find out where im going to set

up my default gateways for each vlan?Each VLAN will have thier own gateway ? I have a 3600 series router that connects my t1 into my lan. Do I set the interfaces thier? I also have a 6505 that is my core and my 4000 that I use for access layer that the computers patch into....

Please help me learn and enjoy Cisco Technology....

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 4506 VLAN Internetwork Routing

Yes it does. I'm assuming you have a Sup3/4. Create multiple VLANs and then create corresponding layer 3 VLAN interfaces and assign them an IP address.

The IP address of that specific VLAN interface will be the default gateway for that particular VLAN

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Re: Catalyst 4506 VLAN Internetwork Routing

Thank You.. I appreciate your time and advice.-mkovich


Re: Catalyst 4506 VLAN Internetwork Routing

Yes the 4506 switch run on Sup4 supervisor line cards that has the routing capalitied built-in. You can create 1024 vlans interface for routing and each will , will have their own default gatway. And on the 3600 router which will connect to one of the port of the 3600 router, you can set the default route on the 3500Xl to point towards that point.

Hope this helps



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