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Catalyst 5500


We have two catalyst 5500 switches(actually one is cat 5513 and

other one is cat 5509).

I'm trying to patch(crossover) these two switches together.

Cat 5513 has 9 ports gb ethernet module(ws-x5410) with SX gbic(ws-g5484)

and 10/100 ethernet switch modules.

Cat 5509 just has 10/100 ethernet switch modules.

Both of these switches have a supervisor engine modules with two 1000base

sx gb ports(ws-u5534 gesx)

I would like to put these switches together by running fiber cable between

cat5513 9gb ethernet port(ws-5410) to cat5509 gb ethernet port(ws-u5534


It didn't work when I tried it. Does anyone know how to make this happen?? Is it possible to do it???

Thank you

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Re: Catalyst 5500

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Re: Catalyst 5500

It sounds as If you are trying to run an etherchannel bundle running ISL/VTP between them. this would essentially extend the VLAN domain to the other switch (you could assign ports on either switch to one vlan...trunking them together) all vlan traffic (broadcast, multicast, unicast or routed to an RSM)would travel over this link to the other switch or destination. I suggest that you start with one GigE (straight-thru)and turn trunking on. From there you could test the link and add etherchannels if you need the bandwith. Check this out for more info

Good luck,


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Re: Catalyst 5500

Things to consider about your setup:

1) Is your WS-X5410 being affected by bug CSCdt80707? It appears a minimum Gigabit

Etherchannel module software version of 5.5(10) is necessary to fix this bug. You should

upgrade the module's software version if you haven't done this already.

2) Is autonegotiation screwing up? Try disabling negotiation on both GB Port ends

of the connection you're attempting to make.

3) The 9 ports of a GB Etherchannel module support 802.1q tagging only. Are you trying

to perform tagging using ISL here?

To the best of my knowledge, you cannot configure Etherchannel on your Supervisor III F.

Otherwise, there should be no problem configuring a single 802.1q Trunk between the

two catalysts... Other things that could cause problems include your VTP mode, domain

name mismatches, etc...

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