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New Member

Catalyst 5505 with SupIII goes into standby

We've acquired a Catalyst 5505 switch with a Supervisor III NFFC-II card from one of our other locations. Were not sure what the last admin did to it but now when we boot the switch it boots up and the System Status is ready (green) but the Active light is orange (standby). We've placed a cable on the console port but when the switch boots up it doesn't display anything at all!

Is it not displaying anything on the console because it's in standby? Shouldn't it display something on boot up? How do we get it out of standby?

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 5505 with SupIII goes into standby

Which slot do you have the Supervisor in(1 or 2)? Can you email me entire boot up sequence?

New Member

Re: Catalyst 5505 with SupIII goes into standby

Well we got the switch to power up. Instead of using a console cable that we use on a Cat 2900 we used a normal Cat5 cable instead. As soon as we booted the switch it came on and started displaying the boot sequence. Now the weird part is that unless you have PC connected to the console port with a terminal open it will not boot up! It just goes right into standby mode. Anyone ever seen this before?

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