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New Member

Catalyst 5509 Trunking??


Can a catalyst 5509 with only a supervisor III and 8 24 port switch modules do trunking, or do you have to have a RSM for the trunks?

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

Are you trying to trunk to another device? You would need RSM to route between VLANs and not for trunking. To see if your 24 port module supports trunking, do a "sh port capabilities x/y".

New Member

Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

Yes... I'm looking to trunk out to a cisco wireless device. Does anyone know if the WS-X5224 switch modules support trunking? I don't have the unit yet, so i can't do a sh port capabilities x/y

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

WS-X5224 does not support trunking.

Model WS-X5224

Type 10/100BaseTX

Speed 10,100,auto

Duplex half,full

Trunk encap type no

Trunk mode off

Channel no

Broadcast suppression percentage(0-100),pps(0-150000)

Flow control no

Security yes

Membership static,dynamic

Fast start yes

New Member

Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

What module would I have to get to support trunking? Can i just have one of the new modules and the other 7 be the old WS-X5224 modules?

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

Modules such as WS-X5225R support ISL/Dot1q trunking.

You can mix this with existing WS-X5224 cards.

CAT5000 series is End-of-Sale and soon will be End-of-Support. You might want to consider upgrading hardware to current generation switches.


Re: Catalyst 5509 Trunking??

5225's support trunking and yes you don't have to change the other cards .

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