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Catalyst 5509


a catalyst 5509 running the following catos :6.4(5),

this catalyst is equipped with a RSM and VIP2-40 modules ( the software running on the RSM is Version 12.0(10)W5(18h) and RAM supported is 128 MB).

we are trying to add the following port adapters to the VIP2-40 module : PA-A3-OC3SMI (1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Single-Mode (IR)) and PA-2CE1/PRI-120 (Channelized E1 PA 2 ports) .

if both port adapters are inserted together in the VIP2-40 module , both of them are disabled ( they were not recognied by the RSM ) , while if only one Port adapter( whatever which one ) is plugged in the VIP2-40 module , it is enabled and working fine .

someone could please help ? it s an urgent case

My thanks in advance.

Jacob .


Re: Catalyst 5509

You can only inset 1 PA-A3-OC3 in a RSM/VIP2-40, the following URL covers this hardware limitation:

Catalyst RSM/VIP2 in Catalyst 5000 Family Switches

Following are the hardware requirements for the PA-A3 in Catalyst 5000 family switches:

The PA-A3 port adapters can be installed on the Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40 with the Route Switch Processor 2 (RSP2). The Catalyst RSM/VIP2-15 does not support the PA-A3.

On a Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40, you can have two PA-A3-T3 or PA-A3-E3 port adapters installed in adjacent slots or a port adapter of any other type installed in the adjacent slot with the exception of the PA-A3-OC3MM, PA-A3-OC3SMI, or PA-A3-OC3SML port adapters. You can have only one PA-A3-OC3 port adapter per Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40; no other port adapter can reside in the other port adapter slot.

The PA-A3 supports the DRAM and static RAM (SRAM) configurations used in the Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40(=) with 2 MB of SRAM and 32 MB of DRAM.

New Member

Re: Catalyst 5509


Thanks a lot for your reply ,

your reply is a little bit different from what i have,

what i am trying is to have on RSM/VIP2-40 One

PA-A3-OC3SMI installed in adjacent slot with PA-2CE1(Channelized E1) , i am getting both PA disabled by RSM .

referring to the document URL there is a restriction regarding COMBINATION OF PA-A3-E3 and PA-A3-OC3SMI .

so my case still pending ,?!!

Thanks In advance



Re: Catalyst 5509

I think you may have misinterpreted my reply, as you have said the URL states that you can have any PA in the adjacent slot to a PA-A3-T3 or PA-A3-E3 except a PA-A3-OC3MM, PA-A3-OC3SMI, or PA-A3-OC3SML

But it then goes on to say that you can only have a single PA-A3-OC3 in a VIP2-40:

“You can have only one PA-A3-OC3 port adapter per Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40; no other port adapter can reside in the other port adapter slot.”

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