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Catalyst 6500 error message


Can anyone tell me what the following Cat6500 error message means?

%PM_SCP-SP-6-LCP_FW_ERR_INFORM: Module 3 is experiencing the following error: [Log] Rohini 0: packet buffer P2N ECC2


Re: Catalyst 6500 error message

Hello Neil,

The issue is due to the mis-seating of the line cards or hardware failure. The error message occurs when line cards are not seated well. If the error message is seen on all of the line cards, the issue is with the module, which is not seated well.

This problem can be solved after re-seating the line card or the module. This problem usually resolves itself after a hard reset of the module.

If the error message persists even after re-seating or re-setting the module, the problem is likely a hardware failure.

Before replacing the hardware, set the diagnostic level to complete by issuing these commands:

# set test diaglevel complete

# set module power down

# set module power up

Reset the module(s).If the problem continues to happen on the same module, contact TAC.

Hope this helps.. rate replies if found useful.


Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 6500 error message

Hi Neil,

The error messages that you saw indicate the following:

These messages are reporting some parity errors in the module's packet buffer memory. I would suggest that you remove and re-seat the module (module 3) within the chassis, and monitor these messages to see how frequently they occur, if at all.

Here is some more specific information on Rohini error messages:

Rohini [n] - references a specific asic on the line card packet buffer - references packet

buffer memory

P2N - references packet buffer to network

P2A - references packet buffer for traffic toward internal connection

ECC1 - is not severe, this could be cause by electrical particle radiation, this does not

necessary mean there is problem with the memory of the card.

Try reseating the card and see if that resolves the issue.



New Member

Re: Catalyst 6500 error message

Hi Ankur,

Thanks for this:

You mentioned what ECC1 means but do you know what ECC2 is ?



Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 6500 error message

Hey Neil,

ECC2 - due to physical memory fault.



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