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Catalyst 6500 PFC2 HSRP limitation


I was reading in the Cat6K software configuration guide (Rel6.3) that the PFC2 has a (very wierd) limitation: page22-27 "The PFC2 supports a maximum of 16 unique HSRP group numbers. you can use the same HSRP group numbers in different VLANs. ..."

Can any one tell me how this will affect the HSRP configuration of the MSFC if I have more than 16 VLANs and I usually use one HSRP group per VLAN?

Thanks :-)

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Re: Catalyst 6500 PFC2 HSRP limitation

You can configure the same hsrp group # for any number of vlan but the MAC address would be the same for the same HSRP group #. If you are fully a CISCO shop, you don't have to worry. but some other vendor devices may like the "same mac-address" on multiple vlan since they have per-switch mac-address table instead of per-vlan mac-address table as we do.

for example you can HSRP group 1 -16 for first 16 vlans and repeat the group #s for next 16 and so on.

Understand that you can obviously give different standby group ip address for each vlan as usual even though the hsrp group # is same

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Re: Catalyst 6500 PFC2 HSRP limitation


just wanted to thank you for your reply.

Ciao :-)

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