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Catalyst 6500: SRM or dual msfc

I am going to implement two 6500 chassis with two supervisor-1/msfc in the network. My doubt is about the performance obtained with one or two msfc active per chassis (SRM or dual msfc), because supervisor -1 needs the msfc to route the first packet of every flow (the load is divided /2). What do you think about this?

Another question is about convergence time with SRM or dual msfc. Is the HSRP convergence time, with default values, less than SRM or dual msfc convergence time?



Re: Catalyst 6500: SRM or dual msfc

Each has its own pros and cons. Take a decision weighing each of them against others

Dual MSFC with HSRP


* Need more IP addresses (HSRP)

* If you are using Flex WAN interface, they can be controlled only by the DR

* HSRP Convergence will be faster than SRM mode

* Effective usage of MSFC resource as load sharing is possible



* One IP address is sufficient. no HSRP is required.

* No stateful failover is supported yet. So convergence will depend on RP and other process to initialise

* FlexWAN configuration is simple. They are always attached to either of the MSFC. So no manual config required

* Load sharing is not possible. At a given time, only one SUP/MSFC is used.The other one is dormant waiting

to take over if the active one fails

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