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Catalyst 6500 TFTP Boot MSFC2


I have tried unsuccesfully to tftp boot a Catalyst 6500 MSFC2, running hybrid code (i.e. Catos on the Supervisor and IOS on the MSFC). I have tried boot tftp:// from rommon, and boot system tftp from the configuration, but is always times out. I have a default-gateway set.

Has anyone successfully done a tftp boot for an msfc2? If so are there any tricks or tips you can give me please?

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 6500 TFTP Boot MSFC2

You cannot TFTPboot from the rommon. If you do not have a boot image on the MSFC2 bootflash, you'll need to XMODEM it


Re: Catalyst 6500 TFTP Boot MSFC2

You can't use thte tftp from the ROMMOn but you can from the boot image if you have.

SO if you don't have any image at this point. Xmodem the boot image, c6msfc2-boot-mz.X.X.X b/c this is very small and easy to xmodem it rather than the whole system image. Once uou boot ip up from the boot image, then make vlan 1 active and tftp the image. Both boot and System into the bootflash. One thing, when you xemodem the iamge, it 'll only loaded int he RAm, so if you reloaded the MSFC without ttftp any image, it 'll again go to ROMMON

This link might helpy you with the Xmodem.

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Re: Catalyst 6500 TFTP Boot MSFC2


One suggesstion: Buy a flash-memory card for the box, it really helps. You can copy the boot image for the MSFC to slot0 (PCMCIA flash card) and then copy it to bootflash of the MSFC. Once you have successfully loaded the boot-image, you are free to boot of slot0, tftp or whatever you want.


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