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Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

Have a 6506 that decompresses the image (6-3-3.bin). Goes through power up diagnostics and then sits at:

>System Power On Diagnostics Complete

>Boot image: bootflash:cat6000-sup.6-3-3.bin

and that is it.

set at rommon gives me:

ommon 7 > set

PS1=rommon ! >





It was working before. I know it is some config file or pointer..but I cannot find it.


Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

It could be possible the somehow the image is corrupted or some problem with the bootflash. Can you boot it off thru the xmodem or if you have different image in the pcmcia card...

hope this link helps

New Member

Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

I think your IOS is corrupted or set boot system is not configured correctly. Try to boot it from flash card. use "boot slot0 " at rommon prompt. If it boots correctly ,then copy image from slot0 to your bootflash

New Member

Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

Thanks. I tried doing an xmodem recovery and that did not go but I don't think I did it correctly. I am restarting that proces. I have no flash memory card in this chassis.

Cisco Employee

Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

If XMODEM failed at higher baud rate, try a lower baud rate. I've always been successful with 9600 or 19200. After you xmodem, do not forget to format your bootflash and TFTP a good image. 6.3(10) should be a good code to run

New Member

Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

Looks like the xmodem is going fine. It has gone through with no error messages three times now. I cannot however, get the old possibly corrupt image out of bootflash. I am xmodem-ing 6.3.6 in and have 6.3.3 in bootflash. This is what it defaults to on the restart after the xmodem recovery procedure.


Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

Once you are able to xmodem, then try to format the bootflash and tftp the new image and see if that helps

New Member

Re: Catalyst 6506 hangs at boot

Thansk, but you really don't have any other command options inside xmodem that I can see. All I get at image uncompression at the end of xmodem is boot image: mkseg1:a000e040 and it hangs.

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