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Catalyst Error Message

Has anyone come across the following error:

%KERNEL-1-CREATEPROCESSFAILED:Error in creating process: Unavailable free stack; stack type: 1; Name: LinkUpdPrcs

Any ideas what is the cause.



Re: Catalyst Error Message

Explanation: This message indicates that the create process has failed; the system

is out of processes. The Catalyst operating system allows a limited number of processes

based on the number of stacks available. When stacks are unavailable, this message

is generated. The first [chars] is the process ID, the [dec] is the stack type,

and the second [chars] is the process name.

Recommended Action: Issue the show users command to check how many telnet sessions

have opened for the switch. CatOS switch allows only a limited number of processes

with a type 2 stack (for example, Console, snmpdm, VtpRx, THREAD, telnet145) in

the system. The maximum number of processes with a type 2 stack is 13. To view

the type 2 stack processes issue the show proc command. These processes will

have the value 'xxxx/12288' under the 'Stacks' column. Telnet is one of the processes

which require a type 2 stack. When all type 2 stacks are used, any attempt to connect

through telnet will result in this error message. Disconnect the telnet sessions

opened by the remote device using the command disconnect {ip_address}. Also investigate

why so many connections are opened for the switch from the remote device.

hope this help.

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Re: Catalyst Error Message

to put it simly, you may have too many telnet connection to the switch and have exceeded allowed connection.

show user to confirm how many telnet are used. Otherwise, it might the other processes but most likely it's the telnet.

If you limit the number of users that are allowed to telnet to the switch, then you shouldn't see these messages.

Re: Catalyst Error Message


This will require a login on CISCO but if you have one, good place to check:

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