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catalyst express 500 24TT

I have changed my old switches ( from other vendor )in my LAN and I have installed several cisco 500 24TT.

Each switch has nearly all ports used.

When I ping to the switches the pings are very large 60--100 ms however the network is running correctly and the pings between all devices are correct <1ms moreover when I try to access the switch via web it spends long time.

Why could be that problem and How can I fix it?


Re: catalyst express 500 24TT

Hello Sarenos,

It is hard to say what is causing the latency between your management host and switch.

"When I ping to the switches the pings are very large 60--100 ms"

Do you have more VLANs configured other than the default VLAN 1? In case you have host in a other VLAN, is your management VLAN by any chance different than the VLAN for your hosts and/or servers?

Routing between VLANs adds latency and - if configured wrong - could affect performance. The issue could also be the result of a poor ARP response from the switch.

Either way you have to search your topology for possible problems. Start by using a network sniffer and look for ARP requests and replies between your host and the switch.

"pings between all devices are correct <1ms"

This is obviously because the hosts reside on the same switch and/or same VLAN.

If you need further assistance please provide a diagram and configuration snippets.



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