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CatOS 6.4(5a) 'show log' - "Re-boot History" vs. "Last software reset by"

[Catalyst 6009, Sup 1A, X6348 Ethernet modules]

Should the "Re-boot History" (the latest log was Oct 26 2003 17:58:54) and "Last software reset by user:" (8/17/2003,14:19:24) dates be the same? I think the switch re-booted itself last Oct. 26, 2003 but unfortunately we were not able to get the logs. If it did, is there any other way to determine the cause without the logs?

Here's the output of the 'show log'


Network Management Processor (ACTIVE NMP) Log:

Reset count: 8

Re-boot History: Oct 26 2003 17:58:54 0, Aug 17 2003 14:27:02 0

Aug 17 2003 14:20:24 0, Jun 08 2003 11:20:50 0

Oct 27 2002 17:42:55 0, Aug 16 2002 15:02:20 0

Aug 15 2002 11:08:22 0, Oct 28 2001 17:50:00 0

Bootrom Checksum Failures: 0 UART Failures: 0

Flash Checksum Failures: 0 Flash Program Failures: 0

Power Supply 1 Failures: 0 Power Supply 2 Failures: 0

Swapped to CLKA: 0 Swapped to CLKB: 0

Swapped to Processor 1: 0 Swapped to Processor 2: 0

DRAM Failures: 0

Exceptions: 0

Loaded NMP version: 6.4(5a)

Software version: bootflash:cat6000-sup.6-4-5a.bin

Reload same NMP version count: 2

Last software reset by user: 8/17/2003,14:19:24

EOBC Exceptions/Hang: 0


I'm trying to find a documentation about this but haven't found one yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Re: CatOS 6.4(5a) 'show log' - "Re-boot History" vs. "Last softw

Found one tech note from CCO:

Here's the info:

"...The above show log command output displays no software exceptions, and that the last reboot of the switch is Jan 06 2003. From the last software reset field, you can see that the reboot time matches.

The show log command output below shows an exception recorded at the time of the last reboot. If your switch shows such a software exception, open a TAC case with the output of the show tech and show log command outputs. A TAC engineer will be able to identify the reason for the crash."

So what if the dates don't match and there are no Exceptions?

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Re: CatOS 6.4(5a) 'show log' - "Re-boot History" vs. "Last softw

Nope, not necessarily. Last reset from user is a legitimate reset from the command line. The last reboot reported in show log can be from any kind of reset - crash, power outage, etc.

If you suspect that the switch crashed and there is a valid stack from the show log output, then open a TAC case to have it analyzed. Please also include in the case show tech and show logging buffer 1023.

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