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Hi there, I am trying to configure CBWFQ on my serial interfaces. I seem to have everything configured correctly, my access-lists, my class maps, my policy maps, my bandwidth statements. I have four classes that I want to give certain priorities is what I have so far:

Policy Map CBWFQ

Weighted Fair Queueing

Class 1

Strict Priority

Bandwidth 116 (kbps)

Class 2

Bandwidth 463 (kbps) Max Threshold 64 (packets)

Class 3

Bandwidth 463 (kbps) Max Threshold 64 (packets)

Class 4

Bandwidth 116 (kbps) Max Threshold 64 (packets)

Class class-default

Flow based Fair Queueing Max Threshold 64 (packets)

Basically I want to give the top priority to Class1 with 116k garunteed bandwidth. I want Class 2, 3, 4 to follow in order with each getting their allocated amount of bandwidth. The problem I have is what command in my configuration quarentees that Class 2 will get priority over Class 3? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Jay Bloom

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In your class maps you could mark packets in each class with a DSCP value, that would match a drop probablitiy correlating to the class.

In your Policy Map you could then enable DSCP- based WRED in classes 2,3,4. By default WRED will deiscard packets with higher drop probability (based on DSCP value) more aggresivley. You can also tweak those drop thresholds.

A good QoS resource is Cisco DQOS by Odom and Cavanaugh.

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