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CCENT time limit

tomorrows the big day! i take my incd 1 and am equally excited and nervous. today i was taking wendell's practice test and kept stressing out about the time limilt, i actually had to stop one practice test and walk away because i was missing EASY questions. i hope i dont do that tomorrow. my question is, is 90 minutes enough time? i know the material really well, but all the comments i see online talk about you need to be quick when answering questions, so im trying to speed up my answers and starting to get flustered... any help will do :D 


Cisco Employee

90 Minutes is definitely

90 Minutes is definitely enough time to complete the exam. Make sure you are able to subnet really quickly. Also I would recommend you purchase the Boson Exam simulator. The questions are very similar to the ones on the actual exam. Also taking practice exams in exam mode will help you properly pace yourself through the exam, ensuring the 90 minute time limit is not a problem

Cisco Employee

The CCNA, which covers twice

The CCNA, which covers twice as much material, is also 90 minutes. Granted, the CCENT goes into more detail on certain topics. You should have more than enough time to complete the CCENT exam in 90 minutes.


Also, don't get caught up on the simulations. If you get most of the commands in and can't get get full network connectivity don't sweat it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Getting one more command in at the expense of 10 minutes isn't worth it.


Good luck!

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