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CE500 and Voice VLAN

I see an issue with the CE500 that I am not sure if there is a fix for.

You cannot set any single port to use VLAN voice, so if you have an older router, like a 2611 with 10 meg ports, you cannot terminate the voice vlan to route to the call manager, or setup the router to provide DHCP for the phones. I get them to work just fine using 26xxXM routers and 28xx routers using Dot1q trunking, but dont see how to set it up any other way. What if an IPCC server needs to be setup for monitoring and voice recording, how would you do that?


Re: CE500 and Voice VLAN


What is the exact problem you are facing. You are unable to set up a voice vlan on CE500 or you are unable to use 2611 for doing the inter-vlan routing. I understand that you are able to do intervlan routing using 2600Xm and 2800 and work as an DHCP server for the ip phones.

What exactly you are looking for. Please explain in details annd we will be able to take it forward.


-amit singh

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Re: CE500 and Voice VLAN

How do you terminate a 10 meg interface on the CE500 that is in the voice vlan? IE the dhcp server and gateway interface for the phones, one that is not capable of doing subinterfaces.

The phones are on say network, the router, a 2611 has one interface at, the other is the data interface at The router also does DHCP for and I know I can put a port into VLAN data, but I cannot set a port to strictly voice for the router interface.

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Re: CE500 and Voice VLAN

Here is another thing. The customer is trying to hookup an unmanaged switch to the CE500. The data is on VLAN 3, but unmanaged switches would be on default VLAN1. If I setup a port to Server mode in VLAN 3, would that then tag any packets coming in from the UM switch to VLAN 3? He said he has some UM switches behind the phones themselves and everything is working, so I am thinking the phones are tagging the packets coming into its switchport as VLAN3.

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