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ce500 switch error

I have several access points connected to a ce500 switch, I am getting errors on all port

2 - critical PortX Access denied to one or more connecting devices on this port

My PC's using wireless does seem to be working however but just wanted to know if this is something I should worry about.


Re: ce500 switch error

Depending on the type of device that is connected to the switch port:

A switch port applied with one of these port rolesDesktop, IP Phone+Desktop, Printer, Server, Guest, and Othercan belong only to an access VLAN. The access VLAN provides the attached device with the specific access designed for that VLAN (for example, access only to personnel records).

A switch port applied with one of these port rolesSwitch, Router, and Access Pointcan send and receive traffic for all VLANs configured on the switch, one of which can be identified as a native vlan. On this port, any traffic that is received or sent without the VLAN explicitly identified is assumed to belong to the native VLAN.

Both the switch port and the attached device port must be in the same native VLAN.

check out the following link for more info :

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