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CEF + transparent proxy

Hi all,

Did anybody encounter such a situation?

I have an ethernet with a lot of users. I have Cisco 3660 that lets these users out to Internet through NAT on the FR subinterface. However, the router does not let them out directly, but turns them back (with WCCP) to the transparent proxy (Squid 2.4. on Linux), which lives in the same ethernet. All this works smoothly until I turn on CEF on the router.

After I turn on CEF, all this begin to work _very_ slowly. HTTP downloading speed decreases about 5 or 10 times. The problem can be remedied either by shutting down Squid (which I don't want to do) or by turning off CEF on the ethernet interface (what I am doing now).

So, does somebody know, what is this? What is a nature of this problem? How it can be remedied without turnig CEF off (even on the single interface).


Dmitriy Stepanenko

Cisco Employee

Re: CEF + transparent proxy

You may want to open a tac case to check if there are any CEF related bugs in

the version of code you are running.



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Re: CEF + transparent proxy

Thank you, Suresh.

If I could open a TAC case I would definitely do it. But I have no support contract. Notice a country where I am writing from :-) People here do not use to buy a SmartNet.

Thank you anyway.

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