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Changing the default native VLAN


OK. I know is not good practice using Vlan1 for regular data traffic, but this is how is been in our network until now (Our LAN includes 2 Cat6500 and 2 Cat3550). We are now deployng several VMware servers with virtual switches. This virtual switches require all Vlans to be tagged (included VLAN1) so we have to change our VLAN1 behaviour. I've seen 2 ways to do so:

1) tag vlan1 (native)

2) changing native vlan1 to another VLAN.

So I have some questions:

- What do you think is the best option in order to minimize configuration changes and impact in the network?

- I'm assuming both options require configuration changes in every switch of our network, is that right? I'm not sure if in case 2) only configuration changes in trunks to vmware switches are needed.

Many thanks in advace

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing the default native VLAN

Why would the servers need the tag? Would you be trunking to the servers? If so, I would go with option 1. I would say you need this on the switch which has the VMware server and any directly connected switch to the VMware switch.


Re: Changing the default native VLAN

Thanks for your response.

VMware switches do need VLAN1 tagged as they trunk to Catalysts. If I choose option 1, isn't needed to add that command "vlan dot1q tag native" in every switch in the network because if one is not configured, i'd break communication over Vlan1 ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing the default native VLAN

Good catch. You are right.. Since your upstream switch to the 3550 would be connecting to other switches, you will have to configure "vlan dot1q tag native" on other switches too.

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