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Changing the default route for an interface using route-map


I have a vlan over a point to multi point wireless device on a cat 6500

(with router processor) that I need to have default route over one of the

end points on the vlan and not out to the rest of my network. I believe that

I can do this with the a route-map but it does not appear to work. I need

the secondary to make it work with the PMP wireless the two radios can not

see ach other throught the basestation. I need to send all traffic

originating from the network to the address

except for directly connected nets on the 6500.

I have put the following in :


interface VlanXXX

description City Fire Department

ip address

ip address secondary

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

ip policy route-map 130



route-map 130 permit 10

match ip address 130

set ip default next-hop


access-list 130 permit ip any any

Any pointers would be appreciated! What am I missing?

James Gorman

New Member

Re: Changing the default route for an interface using route-map

You are mixing metaphors here.

Policy routing is used to bypass the routing table.

You are using the policy rout to modify the routing table, which it would ignore.

try set ip next-hop in route-map 130

However, this will over-ride everything, including directly connected.

I would do an:

access list 130 deny ip any connected1

access list 130 deny ip any connected2

access list 130 deny ip any connected3

access-list 130 permit ip any any.

This will drop the connected routes into the routing table, where they will be delivered normally. (use the correct networks, rather than connected1)

Policy routes do not affect packets generated by the router without an IP local policy statement, so be sure to test from a separate device.

Good Luck;


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