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Changing VTP domain name


I have 2 server farms that I need to migrate into one. The old server farm is running 2 Catalyst5000 switches in VTP domain A and the new Server Farm is running 2 Catalyst 6509 switches in VTP domain B.

I've set up 802.1Q trunks between the 5000 and the 6509 and now need to change VTP domain name A to B to ease the migration of the servers as some will be keeping their old TCP/IP addresses.



Re: Changing VTP domain name

Although it is very well possible to move all switches into one vtp-domain there is no technical need for it. I suppose you want to keep the existing relation between vlan-IDs and IP network-ranges but there is no requirement to do so. You can also see the occasion as an oppurtunity to alter your config to make it more logical or whatever.

When you change the vtp domain on a switch, the configuration revision is reset, so there is no direct risk of losing vlan info. Beware of configuring the vtp settings for a switch while offline and then plugging it in.

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Re: Changing VTP domain name

Thanks. The only reason I want to do it is that at present all my servers in VTP domain A runs off VLAN 1 and I want to move them to different VLAN's. The only issue is that I will have to move them accross to the 6509's on VLAN 1 and then reconfigure them in their correct VLAN's, due to time constraints on the cabling side.

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