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Channelised E1 Configuration

I am in the process of having a channelised E1 line installed and am having some problems getting to grips with timeslot allocation. If I am using a 2620 with a single controller do all timeslots have to be allocated to this single controller and if so is it possible by some other means to allocate subsets of the available bandwidth to various client sites ?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Channelised E1 Configuration

Yes, Coordinate the channels you use with your Telco/carrier as you order bandwidth to your other sites over your E1. Simply configure a new channel-group under the controller and specify the timeslots for each new interface you need. This creates the serial interface for that group of channels matching the bandwidth of the number of timeslots. For example if you have two remote sites each of 256k this would be 4 timeslots each...

controller e1 0/0

channel-group 1 timeslots 1-4

channel-group 2 timeslots 4-8

You will then find you have two new interfaces...

serial 0/0:1 and serial 0/0:2

The last digit being the channel-group number from above. Assuming the E1 is in slot 0/0.

The Telco/carrier must obviously multiplex the same channels on the E1 to the two remote sites. The most common problems are the framing and incorrect configuration of the E1 by the carrier to use Q931 signalling this becomes obvious if you cant use channel 16. In this case you'd find a high error CRC error rate on the circuit.

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Re: Channelised E1 Configuration

Thanks for the help. As a matter of interest do these "Serial" interfaces have to be configured for ISDN -

interface Serial 1/0:15

no shutdown

no ip address

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool-member 1

dialer pool-member 2

dialer pool-member 3

Or can they be set for standard leased line operation. I am asking this as the client sites in question will all have 256k pipes so ISDN will not do for them....

Thanks again.

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Re: Channelised E1 Configuration

As a matter of fact when configuring channel groups for a E1 controller you can use the interfaces created only for standard leased line operation.

If you want tou use isdn you sould configure pri-group for the E1 controller as long as isdn switch type in the global configuration mode.


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