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Check bootp enabled router


I have an old 4700 router, how can i check if it's bootp enabled?



Re: Check bootp enabled router

Do you mean (1) if the router is acting as a bootp or DHCP server? Or (2) if bootp or DHCP broadcasts received on one interface are being forwarded to a remote server on another interface?

Here's an answer to (2).

Look at the startup-config and running-config. If "ip helper-address" command is listed under a particular interface, then bootp broadcasts heard on that interface should be forwarded to the specified IP address.

The "ip helper-address" command forwards the following UDP ports by default:

time (37)

tacacs (49)

dns or domain (53)

bootp server or bootps (67)

bootp client or bootpc (68)

tftp (69)

netbios name service or netbios-ns (137)

netbios datagram service or netbios-dgm (138)

DHCP uses the same ports as bootp.

A sample configuration that supports forwarding only DHCP requests heard on two interfaces to a DHCP server ( on a third interface follows. Note how forwarding (or blocking forwarding) of the other default protocols is done at the system level; while the helper-address is configured interface by interface.

interface ethernet0/0

description This is the subnet where the DHCP server lives

ip address


interface ethernet1/0

description This is where some DHCP clients live and need DHCP forwarded

ip address

ip helper-address


interface ethernet2/0

description This is where other DHCP clients live and need DHCP forwarded

ip address

ip helper-address


no ip forward-protocol udp time

no ip forward-protocol udp tacacs

no ip forward-protocol udp domain

no ip forward-protocol udp tftp

no ip forward-protocol udp netbios-ns

no ip forward-protocol udp netbios-dgm

Hope this helps.

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