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checking activity....


I've asked this before. I got a good reply, but maybe I could get more details.

We've had the network go down a couple of times, I need to know how to get some kind of activity log from the 3620 router, what are the commands for this? Can I get details of past activity and how?Can't find much on the Cisco site.

Thank so much.



Re: checking activity....

1. Setup a core dump.

NOTE: If the link doesn't work, go to and type "creating core dumps" at the search box.

2. Setup a syslog server and configure the router to send debugging level messagess to the syslog server.

3. Thoroughly check your running-config with someone (expert in routing), maybe you have routing loops (it eats up cpu and memory and crash the router).

4. Setup an MRTG or Cricket server and monitor your interfaces, memory, and cpu overtime.

5. Check the temperature in the area where the router is placed. Make sure it conforms with the Cisco 3620 router spec (or much cooler and air should be flowing).

6. Check the power outlet for any power leak (need an electrician on this).

7. Check the Cisco web site for any bugs in your current IOS.

8. Make sure that you tightened your router configuration against attacks.

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Re: checking activity....

I'll give that a go.

Thanks so very much.


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Re: checking activity....

I'm pretty sure the problem is with the LAN side of our network. Something is creating loads of traffic on the LAN.

Would this core dump give me details, such as the Ip address of the pc doing the traffic generating or maybe the ip address of the pc/interface that the traffic is going to?



Re: checking activity....

The core dump will not give you that info. The core dump will give info regarding the local router.

The easiest way to find out is monitor by MRTG or CRICKET the switch (i hope its Cisco Catalyst) you are using, by then you can determine which pc is sending a big load.

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Re: checking activity....

Thanks for comming back to me.

I'm afraid the company is using a Netgear unmanaged switch. But I've been told we are going to install a manged Netgear switch next Friday.

Can I still use MRTG or CRICKET on this switch?

Thanks for any ideas.

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