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Cisco 1601r software wanted for 1601

I have a Cisco 1601r that has version 12 running c1600-ny-mz.120-9. The router is stuck in rmonon mode and I can't get it out. If it reboots I have to manually boot the flash and load the config. I do have a spare 1601 non R. Do someone have the 12 code equivellant to what the 1601r has so I can place it on the 1601. This software is no longer on Cisco support. The 1601 currently has 11 version flash and certain commands won't work thus needing the same as the original broken 1601r. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Marty

Hi Marty

If the image loads manually, it looks like NVRAM (where startup is stored) is busted. Do you have the show ver output after you manually load the image and config? Have you tried write erase followed by copy runn start ? If yes, what was the outcome?

The non-R version went end of life in 2005.

Trying to make this work will likely expose you to way too many security vulnerabilities.

I am very sorry for not being of much assist.

Kind regards ... Palani

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