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CISCO 1700 series router

Hello Everyone.

Backgroud: I have a WinNT network and I just had Ameritech install the CISCO 1700 router to access the internet through a T1. The tech was able to ping yahoo and told me that as long as I put the Ameritech DNS numbers in the client search order everthing should work. Well it didn't

The clients are assigned IP's dynamically. Could you please tell me what I am missing here? Since we are a bank our routers are handled by an outside firm who handles the banking transactions. Do we need to have the DSN's put in the routers?

Thanks for any help..


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Re: CISCO 1700 series router

hi friend, i think you can add dns' address in the client althouth the clients are assighed ip 's dynamiclly.

Re: CISCO 1700 series router

The DNS entries need to go in your DHCP/BOOTP server so when the server assigns an IP to clients the DNS is part of the information the client learns dynamically.. If the outside firm handles your DHCP/BOOTP server you will need to contact them.

If one of your staff handles the server, then they'll need to make the changes.

You can also assign the DNS IP's on each PC manually as the other gentlemen stated.

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Re: CISCO 1700 series router

u can configure DNS in the router

router(config)# ip name-server X.X.X.X

router(config)# ip domain-lookup

from the cmd DOS of a PC make:

c:> ipconfig

check every thig is OK (specially the gateway address)


c:> ping

Re: CISCO 1700 series router

That makes the router a DNS client, not a DNS server/proxy for other devices.

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Re: CISCO 1700 series router

I really appreciate all of the replies from everyone. thanks

That is sort of what I thought. Let's make srue I understand!

Since the clients on my network recieve their IP"s dynamically from a DHCP that the other company handles then they need to put the DNS's in those routing tables so that my clients recieve that information along with their IP addresses?

Other than that I should not have to do any configuration with the clients?

I do not want the CISCO router to act as the DHCP so this should take care of this?

THanks so much for your help!!!!

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