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Cisco 1750 fastethernet problem


I have a cisco 1750 router with Wic-2A/S and Wic-1B S/T in one of the access location of GTB. The connectivity to Distribution location is via 64 Kbps LL and ISDN backup. The problem is with fastethernet port on the 1750 router. The Fastethernet port hang intermediately once in a week, the frequency being twice a month. The LAN users are connected via 16 port HUB which in turn is connected to the router. Whenever the fastethernet port hangs, the interface is reset or the router is reloaded and the interface comes up fine.

Our onsite engineer has also done few workaround by changing the cable connected between the router and hub. The port connected to the hub has also swapped. But the problem still persist.

Can some one suggest how to go about the same.




Re: Cisco 1750 fastethernet problem


Do you have a LOG Entry if the interface resets? If yes i would search with

the LOG on the cisco page. It could be that the problem is known and there

is a solution to it. Else i would open a case on the TAC.

It looks for me like an IOS problem.

Hope that helps


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Re: Cisco 1750 fastethernet problem

This problem could also be caused by the duplex and speed settings on the router / hub settings as I have seen this before when connecting a 10 MB hub to a 1750.

We corrected it by manually setting the duplex to half and the speed to 10Mb.

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Re: Cisco 1750 fastethernet problem

Could you give the output of the "show interface fastethernetx/x" . Before taking this output, please make sure to clear the counters on this interface using the command " clear counters interface fastethernet x/x".

The show output says lot of information.

If you are requesting some solution, please give us some information regarding the problem, the problem statement alone cant help in solving the problem

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