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Cisco 1751 _ MS Exchange Server


we hv a central Cisco 1751 Router which is connected to 3 diff brancehes thru 64K Leased Line.we r having MS Exchange server ver5.5 at Central place.and all other 3 branches are not having servers.Is it poosible that the local nodes in other brances can communicate to central Exchange server fro mail access.( All the nodes in 3 branches are already accessing ERP to Central ERP server).I can able to ping from bracnch node to central EXCHANGE server.

Central NW : 192.168.0.X

1st Br Nw : 192.168.1.X

and so on...

i hv entered Lm host in server and host file entries in nodes also..i cannt get my mail mesaages from Central server when i access from branch.

any suggestions...???? Pls...........

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Re: Cisco 1751 _ MS Exchange Server

You can definitely access mail from the branches to the central server. I don't know what client you are using......... so I can't comment on that. Once you get the ping you will definitely able to access the server by any client. Check the client configs and the security mismatch at the server and client.

One thing I would like to suggest which I have done before is to use Outlook Web Access. You will not need to have the pain of configuring the clients. If your ping is ok....... OWA is a one goal shot. Try that and if it works(which I think will) then try reconfiguring your Exchange for the clients.

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