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Cisco 1811 Switch port problem - link drops

Hi All,

We have a cisco 1811 and the onboard 8 port switch has been split into 2 vlans. Ports 2 - 5 are part of vlan1. POrts 6- 9 are vlan2.

On port 3 (vlan1) I have a switch connected with some pcs on it. This always works fine.

But port 2, which is also connected to a switch, after random intervals stops passing traffic not only to its own VLAN but to everything. I have to unplug the cable and plug in again and then its all happy for a while. I have swapped out the switch that this port is connected to and the same issue continues. It is configured in exactly the same way as port 3. I have tried forcing 100mb speed - same problem. On one switch when the problem occured, the link light on the cisco remained on whilst the link light on the switch had gone off. When the problem happened with the second switch, it showed that the link to the cisco was ok.

I have also swapped the network cable between the cisco and the switchs. Same issue.

Any ideas? And I have changed the port that the problem occurs on, ie, moved the cable to port 5 - again, same problem. Weird?

Any ideas please?


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