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Cisco 2500 8meg to 16meg upgrade error

I have six Cisco 2500 series routers that have 8 meg flash cards. I wanted to upgrade these to have 16 megs of flash so I purchased some 8 meg flash cards and some 8 meg DRAM. I upgraded the first 2500 with know problems, however the rest all display the following error

ERR: Invalid chip id 0x80B5 (reversed = 0x1AD ) detected in System flash

And when you do a show ver it displays

16384K bytes of processor board System flash (Read ONLY)

and will not allow you to upgrade the IOS. If I take the flash from the first working router and install it into the other routers the same messages are displayed, but seem to work.

Are some 2500 not able support an upgrade to 16 megs of flash? or should I just put the flash into the first router do the flash upgrade and install them into the other router and ignore the error messages.


Re: Cisco 2500 8meg to 16meg upgrade error

Many older 2500-series routers need a boot ROM upgrade to support 16MB flash modules. This is a common issue. Open a case with TAC, explain it to them.

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Re: Cisco 2500 8meg to 16meg upgrade error

Anyone know the min boot rom revision to support 16mb flash? Or specifically, will boot rom revision 10.2(5) support 16/16 memory?

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