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Cisco 2520 and 3000 Routers

Hello all,

I have recently acquired a 2520 and a 3102 and wish to learn how I may connect these routers via the serial interfaces. This is a start to my home Cisco lab for cert training. Any assistance will help. I have seen conflicting post in other forums that state the 3000 series routers do not support DTE/DCE. So I thought the answer could be found here. Currently the routers contain no configuration and I am aware of the basics to set them up. I just wanted to confirm if this is possible and if so what cabling type will I need?

Thanks again


CCIE# to come one day :)


Re: Cisco 2520 and 3000 Routers

Not sure about previous postings...but reading about invert clock commands, i think 3000 routers should support dte dce interfaces.

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Re: Cisco 2520 and 3000 Routers

UPDATE: It works!

I decide to place this post here in the event that someone may be looking for the same solution one day.

Reference (

I was able to successfully connect a 2500 series router and 3000 router after doing the following.

1. Preformed a ROM upgrade on the 3000 to accept the 11.0 bootstrap. This allowed for a flash upgrade of 8 MEGs.

2. Update the IOS to 12.2 (Now runs 2500 series IOS)

3. Locate a DTE/DCE DB50 to DB60 (EBay is a great source for under $20)

4. Configured the two routers as described in the above reference and that’s it!

Ain't this fun!!

Thanks for the post.

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