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Cisco 2610 Router Dropping Ethernet Connection

Hi, I have a 2610 router with a single Ethernet LAN port, plus 1 WAN port. The WAN port is connected to a frame relay to 7 remote sites. Lately the router has been dropping off the LAN - I can't ping it or telnet into it. Internet traffic is controlled by an IP Route in the 2610, and appears to be unaffected when the router drops off the LAN. However, when I try to ping an IP address at a remote site across the WAN, the router tries to route the data out to the internet (as seen from doing a trace route from my workstation). Once the router becomes unresponsive to ping & tracert commands, I reboot it, and it works fine for a few minutes, then starts dropping off the LAN in random intervals. This also creates a problem for WAN traffic.

My first guess was a problem with the HP switch that the router is connected to, but that should also prevent ip traffic between workstations and the internet, which is not happening. I checked the Ethernet (LAN) interface in the router, and it shows no output errors, no late collisions, etc. I'm stumped, any suggestions?


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Re: Cisco 2610 Router Dropping Ethernet Connection

What is the output of show interface thru a console connection when the router is unresponsive? Did the switch port detected a link down? Is the interface wedged? Are you running an image past the IPV4 vulnerability as described in:

Check also for speed and duplex mismatch, set them manually if possible. If this doesn't make a difference try another port and cable, or another port on the router if possible.

Is this a new install or has it worked fine before?

Is the HP switch giving you errors on the port the router is connected to?

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Re: Cisco 2610 Router Dropping Ethernet Connection

Try hardcoding your speed and duplex settings on the switch and router. That should remdy the flapping issue. What it sounds like is an "auto-negotiate" issue.



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