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Cisco 2900 hooking into a Xylan ATM

I have a problem and i think its the trunking mode.. ie. 802.1q/Cisco. We hook into a Xylan ATM switch running LANE or course. When i uplink to it with the Cisco 2900 it crashes the port on the ATM switch.If i debug the switch and then hook in, i see the port trying to Autoneg. the speed.. it jumps up and down constently. And i know the Xylan port is set to 100/Full. I can hook my uplink to a Nic on my Firewall's outside interface and the link comes up good 100meg Full Duplex. (After an ATM reboot) But the FW is filtering out all the VLAN info at that you guys think i'm on the right track.. or is there a known problem with Cisco and Xylan bumping heads.. Thanks -Catfisch

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Re: Cisco 2900 hooking into a Xylan ATM

Can you set the switch port to 100/Full so the auto negotiation doesn’t have to happen? It doesn’t seem to like the negotiation process.

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Re: Cisco 2900 hooking into a Xylan ATM

I allready set it to 100 full on my switch and i had the Xylan Admin set his port to 100 full. And it still bounces up and down. But i can plug a 100BaseT Hub in instead of the 2900 and the Link comes up 100 Full no problem.. it's strange. -Catfisch

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