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Cisco 2900 Switch Faulty?? Any factory default reset button/procedures?

Hi, I've got a Cisco 2900 Switch. Someone just accidently put an ethernet cable from his NIC on the computer to the Console port of this switch. Now I try to access the Console Port of this switch with RS232+Rollover cable, it seems not to work.

The settings I used in Hyperterminal are:

9600bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bits, none flow control.

But I cannot access the Switch. Is there any factory default reset button to press to reset everything. Or is the switch a piece of garbage now?? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cisco 2900 Switch Faulty?? Any factory default reset button/


if you have TELNET access to the switch, you can use the command 'clear line con 0' to clear the console port. Otherwise, just reboot the switch, that should clear the console port and allow you to access it again.



Re: Cisco 2900 Switch Faulty?? Any factory default reset button/

Hi Huy,

If anychance you remember the ip address you have configured on switch for management purpose and you have configure vty lines for telnet access then you can connect the switch with pc via ethernet cable on same vlan port for which you have also configured ip for management purpose.

Incase you are not able to telnet or you have not alraedy configured your switch for telnet purpose, try 2-3 another console cable to access the siwtch via console cable. If no luck by anychance have you configured your switch for web access via CMS,

If nothing works...I am sorry you have to go for RMA.

But make sure you try 2-3 different console cables and try to rebulid your hyperterminal session.



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