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New Member

Cisco 2948G Power supply failures

This is the command from sh log

Does anyone have any idea why the power supply failures are under #2 when there is no #2? Sure would like any help you can give me.

CSB-1> (enable) sh log

Network Management Processor (ACTIVE NMP) Log:

Reset count: 77

Re-boot History: Feb 01 2002 04:07:53 0, Feb 01 2002 03:20:39 0

Feb 01 2002 03:16:14 0, Jan 30 2002 03:13:50 0

Jan 29 2002 12:54:15 0, Jan 29 2002 12:50:41 0

Jan 29 2002 12:42:15 0, Jan 25 2002 12:36:55 0

Jan 24 2002 05:03:45 0, Jan 24 2002 04:17:43 0

Bootrom Checksum Failures: 0 UART Failures: 0

Flash Checksum Failures: 0 Flash Program Failures: 0

Power Supply 1 Failures: 0 Power Supply 2 Failures: 59

DRAM Failures: 0

Exceptions: 0

Last software reset by user: 3/8/2000,11:10:12

MCP Exceptions/Hang: 0

Heap Memory Log:

Corrupted Block = none

NVRAM log:

New Member

Re: Cisco 2948G Power supply failures

That sure doesn't make sense. The only way that this chassis can have 2 PSU's is if you had a redundant power supply RPS connected. It would be interesting to see what you switch says when you input the command "show sys" under the PS2-Status?

If there definately isn't a RPS connected to the switch then I would get it swapped out if you have a maintenance contract, as there is definately a fault with it.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 2948G Power supply failures

You probably had a power supply 2 in the switch earlier. Please do clear log on the switch and this will clear all the entries in the log.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 2948G Power supply failures

CAT2948G does not have a built in redundant PS. Unless you had an external RPS, I suspect it to be a cosmetic bug. I'll do some scrubbing to see if I can find one


Re: Cisco 2948G Power supply failures


can you please paste the output of show env all, show system , sh mod , sh ver from the switch and then do clear log to see if that are incrementing..

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