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cisco 2950 switch and cisco airbr340 bridge

I bought a cisco switch 2950 to replace a small hub that was being used at my work place. The current settings are:

Cisco Bridge Airbr340 plugged into the hub, then all the computers are plugged into the hub. All using a straight through cabling, and cat5.

I attempted to unplug all from the hub, and just plug them into the switch as is. I got green activity lightes on all, but no one could connect to the network.

I then put a cross over cable between the bridge and plugged users in, and got the same problem.

I then plugged the regular st cable back into the bridge, plugged that into the hub, and then took a cross over to the switch, and then plugged one user in , and they were screaming with connections. But the minute that I plugged another user in, all came to a halt.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong and what the problem might be????

Thanks in advance


Re: cisco 2950 switch and cisco airbr340 bridge

Although the posting is a bit confusing, this looks like a typical spanning-tree problem.

First you have to be 100% certain that there are no loops in your topology. Having a loop will stop all traffic forwarding to the looped ports.

Try configuring spantree portfast on all ports. This makes clients connect faster to the server.

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