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Cisco 2950T-24

Hi everyone, First let me apologise in advance if i sound a little rushed, as i have a somewhat urgent problem that i need to resolve tonight. I am new to cisco switches and setup a 2950 yesterday in a friends office. I went through the web interface, setup the ports through smartports as "desktop". Set the Gig ports to "Desktop" for a server and "Switch" for an uplink to an auto sensing netgear (Did not have a crossover cable for the second cisco) I set port 24 to "router". All ports were set to Auto/Auto. The server Gig port was set to 1000/auto and matched to the server's Auto

The problem today is that random ports seem to have lost connectivity and people cannot connect. I am not onsite there until tonight, however what i am being told is that even when they plug a laptop directly into the switch port it will not light up. (Avoiding all infrastructure)

Has anyone had a similiar issue with these switches. Did i set it up incorrectly? Obvivously when i get there tonight i will take a closer look. Is it possible that i lost the configuration on this.? Any ideas as to the correct setup would be appreciated. The first step is for me to make sure i have it configured correctly. It is a very basic setup - so there is nothing complex required

thanks again and appreciate any insight

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Re: Cisco 2950T-24

The link between 2950 and the Netgear needs to be set to a trunk and the port on 2950 to be a trunk port. The vlans you set on the switch need to be allowed through the trunk.

The first thing is to make sure the trunk port on the switch comes up, since it is between a Cisco and a Netgear.

Hope this helps


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Re: Cisco 2950T-24

Thanks Gary - I will be bringing up the second 2950 tonight witha cross over so the netgear will be eliminated and i will be sure to set both ports to switch ( trunk)

thanks for the reply

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Re: Cisco 2950T-24

ok - Fixed it, one laptop was connecting to this as a network bridge - locked up ports every time , and user kept going from office to office.... thanks

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