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Cisco 3550 SMI

I have a Cisco 3550 SMI Switch which I like to upgrade it to EMI Version. After upgrading, will it will have all the features of buying a 3550 with EMI Image.

1) Is upgrade downloadable from Cisco Website, or will it require to order from Cisco manually.


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Re: Cisco 3550 SMI


yes, upgrading will provide all the features of the EMI image. You can download the EMI image from the website if you have sufficient access rights, click on the link below and see if it shows the EMI version, if not you have to order it from Cisco, part number is CD-3550-EMI=.



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Re: Cisco 3550 SMI

i tried to put the emi image on a 3550 switch but I couldn't get it to ping my workstation...can you send me your config...I have a vlan setup with a basic ip address and then I have the port set up withe the address in the same network range as the tftp server but I can't ping it...

Re: Cisco 3550 SMI


1) if you want to route on 3550, you have to enable routing with "ip routing" global config command first.

2) All ports are in VLAN1 by default. If you want ot route between VLAN1 and another IP network you need to

a) create a new VLANx, assign an IP address to int VLANx, add some ports to VLANx, or

b) assign an IP address to a physical port and use "no switchport" command for it.

I think b) is your case.

See for details.



If you connect a port to a new

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Re: Cisco 3550 SMI

thank you very much...I think that I messed up with the vlan part...I created a vlan on vlan 1 and did the ip routing and went to the fast ethernet port to give it an ip address in order to connect to the tftp server.

I didn't know that I was supposed to create another vlan to connect.

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