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Cisco 3600(AC) Routers

Is it true that Cisco has declared 3661(AC) multiservice router obsolute? If it is true which region are they obsolute? Can a Cisco 3745 multiservice router work in place of 3661(AC). How many asynchronous serial interfaces can it have?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Cisco 3600(AC) Routers

While it is true that the 3661 is discontinued, I would hardly call it obsolete. Although Cisco isn't selling it, I'm sure they will be supporting it for quite some time. Possibly even bringin out new cards that will work in it.

As for the 3745, yes it can work in place of a 3661, they even use the same cards. The 3745 has 4NM and 3 WIC interfaces, using these cards:

WIC-2A/S 2 port sync/async serial

NM-32A 32 port async serial

You could get a total of (4*32)+(3*2) = 134 asynchronous serial interface, dunno if their what you want, but they should go in there...

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