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Cisco 3640 Serial Ports

I have configured a serial port on my 3640 router with ppp encapsulation, and the remote port on a 1605 with ppp encapsulation. I can telnet into the remote port but I cannot ping it, neither can I ping the local serial port. Please help.

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Re: Cisco 3640 Serial Ports

I'm not sure, but if I remember it work like this.

Try to configure a loopback in both routers, add the needed routing for these loopbacks and try to ping the other side loopback. if it's not work, do some debug.

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Re: Cisco 3640 Serial Ports

Probably you can telnet to the router interfaces you configured for PPP. you may have to configure a static route pointing to the network addresses configured into the ethernet addresses of the rotuers. like: ip route X.X.X.X (where X is the address of the PPP interfaces). Than you can ping the ethernet interface.

After that - if you are running a routing protocol you may configure in both routers and use access-list to control the routing updates so you connect only when you have traffic. Also check the possibilities of use a diale interface. In this case you use the loopback interface.

Good luck!!!

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