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Cisco 3725, Pix515 and 3550 Design/Config Question?

I have a 3725 Voice Gateway with a T1 WIC(Connection to Internet, which will also be a Toll Bypass using H.323 to other sites), a T1 PRI 1MFT-T1, a PIX 515 and a 3550 inline power switch for the phones. I have setup simliar installs with just the Switch and Voice Gateway but never a PIX in the mix. My question is to how best set this up. Since the engineer that came up with the design is no longer around and no one knows how he was going to set it up I took a best crack at it.

I put VLANS on the switch VLAN 2 (Management), VLAN 100 users, VLAN 101 Servers, VLAN 102 Phones, VLAN 1000 PIX, and assinged them all a IP Address. I have a cable in Port 0/24 of the switch to FE0/1 of the router for which it has sub interfaces for each corresponding VLAN. I have the PIX Inaide Interface on Port FE0/20 connected to FE0/1 of the PIX, which has an IP address on it. I have a cross-over from FE0/0 (outside) of PIX to FE0/0 of the router. The problem was to control the traffic flow going out so it traverses the PIX when going out the internet and when it comes in from the internet make sure it goes back thru the PIX as well. Is there a better way than having Policy Based Routing to make this happen? I have the default gateway of the switch pointing to the router interface FE 0/1 and the 3725 point its default GW to the PIX's inside Interface and then its default GW pointing to the other side of the ISP connection since it is a Point-to-Point connection.

If anyone has setup this scenerio I would love to hear a better way if there is one.



Re: Cisco 3725, Pix515 and 3550 Design/Config Question?

I am assuming that at present Internet connectivity through PIX according to your post. Your default gateway concept is OK, but I could suggest like this one..

FE0/24 of switch to FE0/1 of 3725

FE0/0 of 3725 to PIX FE0/1

Point all clients default gateway towards 3725 and 3725 default to PIX. So that, all incoming and outgoing traffic can traverse through PIX.

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Re: Cisco 3725, Pix515 and 3550 Design/Config Question?

you must key into the "conduit" command in the PIX

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