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Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking


We have two 3750(Primary & secondary core) switch configured as L3(Intervlan routing) switch.

All the access switches have two uplinks connected one each to the two core switches.

I want to configure redundancy between the core switches.Below is my queries-

1.Can I stack the two switches using stackwise cable & configure HSRP between the two at the same time.

What is the best way to do achieve redundancy.




Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking

No if you stack the switches you only have one active (stack master) processor. The other switch is in hot standby mode.

You don't have access to the member switch. It is controlled exclusively by the master.

You can achieve redundancy and increase performance by stacking the switches.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking

Thanks for replying.

If I am stacking Cisco 3750 L3 switch,need to understand the stacking,VTP & L3 config ..

My planning is to

1.stack the two switches using the stackwise cable.

2.Configure both the switches as VTP server with same VTP domain name.

3.Configure one of the switch as master using "switch 1 priority 2" command.

4.Configure VLAN interfaces & VLAN interface IP addresses on the Master.

5.Configure VLAN interface & VLAN interface IP address on the stack member.Is this step required????

6.From each access switch connect one uplink to Cisco 3750 master & other to Cisco 3750 stack member.

Hope if the obove looks OK.




Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking


if you create a stack of two switchtes you cannot configure them separately. All switches in the stack have the same configuration, the one that the master has.

What you have in mind is ONLY possible for a switches that reside beyond the stack.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking

I understood now how to configure.

To configure the first switch as master,is "switch 1 priority 2" command sufficient.

Planning to configure the below.

1.Make sure both the switches have same IOS.

2.Stack the two Catalyst 3750 switch using stackwise cable.

3.Configure first switch as master using "switch 1 priority 2" command .Second switch ports will appear as 2/0/1...

4.Configure the stack as VTP server.

5.Configure VLAN interface & IP addresses (common to both switches in stack).

6.Uplink from access switches will be connected one each to master & stack member.similarily link from Gw router will be configured.

Let me know if any thing else need to be configured.

Thanks a lot once again for the replying.




Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking

The best way to do this is to keep both 3750's separate , run a gig trunk link between them , allow all your vlans across this link . Set both 3750's as vtp servers and the switches below as clients . configure your vlans , layer 2 and layer 3 SVI's , setup with hsrp on your SVI's on each 3750 then setup your trunk links down to your access switches . This then gives you redundancy if you lose a link to the access switches or if one of the 3750's takes a nosedive.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3750 L3 Switch HSRP/Stacking

I you connect them as stack, the switch will look like one STP ID. This means that you should look at it as one single switch. There will be no nead for HSRP because the switch is sharing MAC address for gateways. If primary fails Sec will still hold gateway active.

The next thing to think about is etherchannel, access switches i now connected with 4 cables to one switch

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