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Cisco 3750 switch loosing connection with Linux server

My customer has connected a linux server (is an assembled machine) connected to Cisco 3750 switch.

According to software requirement, about 40 ip addresses has been bind to the same physical interface of the server.

The server is intermittantly loosing the connection with the network.

Ping is failing to the server interface at problem time.

But from the switch Ethernet port doesn't show any link errors / link up-downs.

Only thing is it looses the server mac address from its table. Suddenly it comes back again.

The speed and duplex settings were fixed at both server and the switch interfaces.

They have tried with their backup server ( same hardware types) connected to a differant Cisco switch. Still same problem is there.

I know that this shows some problem with the server side. If anyone has similar experience I like to hear about possible causes.


Re: Cisco 3750 switch loosing connection with Linux server

Connect global resources such as servers and routers to which the network users require equal access?directly to the high-speed switch ports so that they have their own high-speed segment. Create smaller network segments so that fewer users share the bandwidth, and use VLANs and IP subnets to place the network resources in the same logical network as the users who access those resources most. or more suggestion refer the following URL

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