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Cisco 3750


Has anyone used the Cisco 3750 switch? I am thinking of deploying 2 of these switches in our network and I have never used the new StackWise technology. I understand that the Stackwise technology allows a 32Gbps backplane between the switches however from a management perspective do I manage the 2 switches from one command line?


Re: Cisco 3750

Hi Gavin,

yeah ur perfectly correct that cisco 3750 supports 32Gbps of back plane capacity & maximum of 9 switches(3750's) can be stacked together & can manage all the 9 switches with one command line interface(CLI). infact i am using this switch in my organization since 2003 Oct.

juz configure the ip address for 1 switch & stack the remaining switches & start monitoring the rest also.

also by updating the IOS in 1 switch, will simultaneoulsy update in rest of the switches

Also the master switch takes the priority based on the switch up time, hardware address, IOS version.

hope this helps,

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Re: Cisco 3750

Hello Gavin,

you are exactly right, both stack members are managed through one single IP address, which is assigned to the stack, and which is independent from the stack master (IP address).

According to CCO:

>You can use the CLI, SNMP, Network Assistant, and CiscoWorks network management applications. You cannot manage stack members on an individual switch basis.<

Have a look at the following link as well:

Managing Switch Stacks



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Re: Cisco 3750

Thanks for your posts... just another quick question

on a Cisco Chasis based system like a 6509 ports are addressed like /

So if I want to config a port say 34 on Module 3 i address in 3/34

When switches are stacked, how do you config a port that say is on switch 3 of the stack port 24?



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 3750

Hi Gavin,

It will be like gig3/0/24

Check this link as how to use Interface Configuration Mode for stacked switches



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Re: Cisco 3750

yeah ur right with 6509, on stacked switch like 3750, if u want to configure port 24 on switch 3, it looks like this

interface 3/0/24

the configuration looks for all the stacked switch is...

interface 1/0/1

interface 2/0/1

interface 3/0/1


interface 9/0/24

hope this helps.

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