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Cisco 4006 configuration and Gigabit module test

We have a 4006 Cisco Supervisor Engine 11 and want to configure it as our backbone switch. The switc already got a 48 RJ45 port 10/100 inline power module and a 48 RJ45 port 10/100/1000 module installed.

We did a test by connecting two servers with Gigabit NICs and do an FTP between the servers while they are connected to the gigabit module. After that we connect the servers to the 10/100 port and do a FTp (same file)

This is the result

1GB - 2596362887 bytes received in 269.58Seconds 9631.21Kbytes/sec

100MB - 2596362887 bytes received in 478.03Seconds 5431.36Kbytes/sec

From this result, It seems to me that the 10/100/1000 module is not really performing up to its expected capabilities. Is there another way of doing a test to actually see that the gigabit module is working to its expected result

Can someone help me in the configuration or simply give a simple configuration so that I use this 4006 as a simple backbone switch where I will connect all my internal servers and routers and other work group switches - no VLAn or any other fancy stuff.


Re: Cisco 4006 configuration and Gigabit module test

Check for the recommended IOS and cabling length, if that is not the case change the slot on the chassis.

A couple of other things to consider is the BUS speed of your server that is attached to the port, most servers have a 133mhz bus, a few of the newer units have a simulated bus speed up to 266mhz this will impact the overall transfer rate along with other hardware factors in your server, hard drive and memory.

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