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Cisco 6015 issue

We are trying to configure a Cisco 6015 for an internal network solution. The only problems is that we do not have anything that we can connect to the ATM port. Is there a way to get IP (static) information throught the 6015 with out using the ATM interface? It was suggested that we try to point everything to the ethernet port, but all of the research that I have done say that they ethernet port is only used for management purposes. We have a DSL network using another 6015, but it also has a Cisco 3725 with an ATM module to allow traffic to pass. So I am assuming that the only way I can get this to work is use something like a Cisco 3725 with an ATM module in it. I'm not too sure how clear this is, but any advice would help. Thanks.


Re: Cisco 6015 issue

yes, the better way is to use Cisco 3725 with an ATM module in it.

Always use this part of the show version command output to determine the feature set rather than the filename from the System image file is "flash:c3725-is-mz.122-11.T6.bin" line because it is possible that the file may have been renamed.

If a VPN module is not recognized, verify that the feature set is an IPSec version. The characters which indicate this are 56 or K. For example, (C3725-IK9S-M) or (C3640-IS56I-M) are IPSec versions.If the feature set does not support the network module, upgrade the Cisco IOS Software to one with a compatible feature set

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