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Cisco 605 PCI ADSL

Hello. I know very little about DSL on the telco side, so bear with me. The only dsl i have installed was running netopia dsl routers back to back(from a ISP stand point). A friend and I have been thinking about bringing hi-speed net access to a few towns that currently only have dialup(and that isp might be going out of business) I found a number of 605 pci adsl cards for sale. I am wondering what hardware and changes the telco would need to make so that i could supply adsl over normal phone lines. While talking with the vender he said these cards work in a back to back sistuation, Anyone know if thats true?? What rack are these designed to work with? Is there currently nt/2000/xp drivers for them?

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Re: Cisco 605 PCI ADSL


I don't know a whole lot about dsl myself, but those cards might not be your best choice for your customers:

Supporting the Cisco 605 PCI ADSL Adapter at End of Life

Depending on the equipment you are using at the telco end, dslam, you may or may not be able to terminate those connections, firmware might not jive. Hopefully you have decent lines out there or dsl might not be possible. One thing you need to take into far is the loop between the CO and the customers equipment...this length may not allow adsl, but maybe you can use IDSL or something...

Per that link, driver support stopped at nt4.0, so again those might not be the best choice...I'm sure your customers will probably want to run a newer OS then 95/NT...who knows, they might work in newer versions of windows, doubt it.


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Re: Cisco 605 PCI ADSL

I know there EOL. That doesnt bother me so much, I did find out that the drivers stoped and most likely wont work in a newer OS, that is a problem. The first install was going to be back to back over dry lines and when i gain enough users to justify a DALAM i would obtain one, then resale the the cards from my location. I am going to locate some DSL routers to use in this fashion, I know the Netopia 7100R works in this way but having more then one ip at the end screws it up.(breaks cisco's networking laws) I want a cisco solution but i am unable to find one that fits cuurently.


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