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Cisco 675 doesn't reconnect after losing connection

I have a Cisco 675 at one of my sites that apparently loses its connection and does not reestablish it. Users at the site have gotten used to power-cycling the 675 once a day or more to "make the internet work".

I suspect that there is something not configured correctly on the 675. I would like it to wait a set period of time after losing a connection and then reconnect.

What am I missing here? Is it a timeout setting? Or something else?

cbos#show timeout

Idle timeout is disabled

Session timeout is disabled

VC Reset timeout is set to 5 seconds for all connections

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 675 doesn't reconnect after losing connection

Need to know what happens with dsl line after 675 looses the connection..

Does 675 try to re-connect?

Does ADSL line connect fine?

Does dsl/atm LED flashing after that?

It will be more helpful if you connect a console cable to 675 and issue some show commands once 675 loses the connection . Like

sh run

show int wan0-0

show dsl int wan0-0

Try adding following command "set ppp retry 3" in the config and after that issue "write" and "reboot" (as config changed) and moniter it..

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